To make improvements in all situations, information dissemination and sensitisation

should be done as DSA negatively affects our bodies, lives and communities.

Drug and Substance Abuse & Sustainable Development Goals

1DSA leads to poverty. To sustain one’s addiction to drugs, one continues to spend resources which would have otherwise been diverted to the betterment of the family. This continues to deplete the resources of the family leading to poverty.

DSA affects the unborn baby in many different ways. Still births are experienced due to DSA. If mothers stop taking drugs during and after pregnancy, child mortality will be reduced and maternal health improved.

Parents abusing drugs can lead to the decline in universal primary education. Parents may not be able to provide the money for school fees. Children abusing drugs may also drop out of school.

Women are at a higher risk of drug dependence and have more side effects due to DSA. Empowering women through information dissemination about DSA will reduce problems affecting them. Women can then make more informed decisions.

Idleness is among the leading causes of DSA and improvements with regards work accessibility will beat the problem to a greater extent. Decent work promotes decent living and reduces stress t greater levels

How sad it is to see a creative mind going to waste. While for a short period drugs might boost your thinking regions, creativity and innovation hits rock bottom in a short space of time too. Eradication of DSA will foster creativity and innovation that will last for longer as compared to a small spark and we are out

There are many ills that lie within cities, top on the list being rape, theft and DSA. To tackle DSA and enhance safer cities, harsher punishments should be given to drug pushers. Drug possession and trafficking should be riskier, hence deter more drug pushers. Social ills such as trafficking fuelled by DSA will be combated.

As stewards of the earth, humans need to respect life below water. Littering leading to water pollution can be fuelled by DSA, with broncleer bottles flooding the water sources.

The 16 goals above have a link and SDGs should be the lifetime goal for all generations to come. The goals promote dignity, peace, respect, innovation and creativity. DSA as a social ill destroys all of the above in the drug user as well as others surrounding him. The SDGs continue to foster positive change and improvement with regards combating DSA and its effects.