Drug-Facts-Week-logoCommunities Against Drug and Substance Abuse – CADASA TRUST joins the world in observing National Drug Facts Week which was launched by NIDA America in 2010.  The National Drug Facts week was established to confirm and dismiss myths that youths and teens often hear from the Internet, TV, movies, music, or friends. To help shatter the myths surrounding marijuana and other addictive substances, National Drug Facts Week encourages events that allow teens and youths to ask questions of addiction scientists or health experts about drug use and addiction.

CADASA Trust is proud to be associated with NIDA and feel good adopting this very important Commemoration for Zimbabwe. This is a first of its kind in our beloved nation.

National Drugs Facts Week- ZIMBABWE is hereby launched by Communities Against Drug and Substance Abuse- CADASA Trust.

One popular myth is that Alcohol and tobacco are not drugs. A drug is defined as any substance which has a physiological effect when ingested or otherwise introduced into the body. Both alcohol and tobacco bring about a chemical change in one’s body and move a person from a state of soberness where one is in control and self- aware to a state of intoxication. Alcohol and tobacco are therefore drugs and contain substances that can harm your brain and body just like cocaine or marijuana.

Teens and youths also tell each other that marijuana is harmless. Science however, tells us that marijuana use by teens may negatively affect brain development and impair school and athletic performance. Teen use of marijuana is up compared to five years ago, perhaps because fewer teens consider marijuana to be a harmful drug.

CADASA Trust has come up with our own DRUG IQ Challenge to challenge youths and parents alike on how much they know about drugs. The IQ Challenge can be found on both our Social media pages and on our website and also hard copies for those we manage to meet.

CADASA Trust also plans on doing media campaigns the whole week from the 25th to the 31st of January on both Electronic and Print Media. We want to ensure no youth is left behind! If you have no access to social media you shall find us on Radio, if you have no access to Radio you will see us on TV, if you have no television you will likely read about us in the paper, if you cannot afford the paper we hope you see one of our dramas and plays. NOONE SHOULD BE LEFT BEHIND!

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