Rehabilitation & Advocacy Programme


CADASA works with and alongside communities to help fight the war against drugs. CADASA enters schools with Prevention and Awareness Programmes through the High On Life Project .

CADASA also makes it a point to engage  the community and offer counseling and coping skills to parents and guardians of children who have been exposed to drugs . Through our High on Life project, kids are equipped with information of the effects of drugs and substances and are in turn gifted with the gift to make informed decisions.


Advocacy Programme

The Advocacy Programme engages decision makers around policy issues as they impact the Drug and Substance Abuse landscape.

CADASA believes simply disseminating information will not win the war. The policy environment needs to be amenable to the creation a drug free Zimbabwe.

Rehabilitation Programme

This programme will see CADASA take in for a defined period those that have been exposed to drugs and have reached addiction phase. Rehabilitation will see users go through counseling, detoxification and be equipped with coping skills for once they return home to their natural environment.

Rehabilitation is a future programme for CADASA Trust.