Life does not rewind. You only get one go at it! Ensure you live your life to the fullest, drug free! Enjoy each and every waking moment! That means be present! Drugs steal lives and futures. They take over and take control. Just Say No! BE HIGH ON LIFE NOT DRUGS!

Life is fun. And a life without drugs is even more funner. Hence at CADASA we came up with the High On Life programme.  The programme is the life and breath of CADASA.  It is through this programme that we work with and alongside children and youth to help keep them off drugs. This is done through school based  Clubs that are formed by children and the youths.  These Clubs are dubbedHigh on Life Gang.


Remember the  High on Life Gang is yours! So we ask you to sign up and join in on  OUR CLEAN, DRUG-FREE FUN!!! They say an idle mind is the the devil’s workshop. Our High on Life Gang  is packed full of youth oriented activities that keep youths involved and engaged.

To all Parents:

Lets come together and fight this evil. Drug abuse can happen to anyone, your neighbor’s child, your aunt’s child, that child from around the corner, my child, your nephew, your niece, even your own kid! Encourage your child to join the High on Life Gang so they are informed! If CADASA has not entered your child’s school yet, contact us and we will tell you when we scheduled that school on our calendar.


Child and Youth involvement

The children and youths are actively involved in the programme through various activities that include  quizzes, sports, and information dissemination among many others. In short the children and youths are the heart and soul of High On Life.

Bringing Dreams To Life

High on Life is about children and youths: their desires, their aspirations and their dreams. It is about them taking charge of their destiny without the distraction and harm that drug use can cause.

High on Life Objective

The main objective of High On Life is for children and youths to attain a lifelong commitment to keep off drugs.


At High on Life Gang we are a fun loving bunch who believe in  CLEAN, DRUG FREE FUN! Who says we need alcohol or drugs to have fun?! We are high on life!!! Join our High on Life Gang in order for YOU, yes YOU to be able to participate and compete in our wide range of activities. The High on Life Gang is a club formed at every school that CADASA Trust enters. The Gang is governed by the High on Life Values. These values are reasons why one should SAY NO TO DRUGS:

  • 1Drugs poison our bodies
  • 2. Drugs ruin our immune system
  • 3. Drugs steal our futures
  • 4. Drugs can land us in prison
  • 5. Drugs can kill