In years past the girl child was invisible

Had no future besides marriage

Today, armed with education the girl-child can have a future

Shall not turn to marriage for refuge


Do drugs and early marriage have anything in common?

The girl child, her youth, bearing children and so on..?

Two drinks and I am knocked out

Next thing I know is I have a bump

In his heart, daddy has a lump

And to ‘my husband’ I’m sent out


The girl child needs protection

To see her goals to fruition

Yet marriage leads to destruction

And gives more harm and frustration


As an adolescent girl

As my hormones still swirl

Please do not take advantage of me

Love and protection is my plea

Without these, what will my future be?


If you were in my boat

How would you feel?

For your future you would kill

Because the pain of early marriage is real

To all parents, I appeal

Don’t let me get married to Bill

For marriage, my future will steal

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