Zimbabwe has been facing unprecedented levels of drug and substance abuse owing particularly to the economic and political challenges facing the country. Drug abuse has become so rampant in our communities threatening the lives of our children and youth while at the same time impeding development as the productive generation becomes incapacitated due to addiction. So many young people have tragically lost their lives to the vice of drug and substance abuse, others have experienced mental disorders and others have dropped out of school and still others have contracted lifetime ailments as a result of drug abuse. Families are being torn apart as a result of drug abuse and the fabric pf our society is being constantly ravaged by the vice. The current statistics give a gloomy picture for the future as regards the welfare of our children if drug and substance abuse remains unaddressed.

The National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week not only provides us an opportunity to help the young people with the correct and proper information on drug abuse but also allows us to raise awareness on the issue of drug and substance abuse so that as a nation we can all do our part to stop the vice and create an enabling environment that is drug free so that children and youth can realise their full potential. We all have a responsibility and a part to play in fighting drug and substance abuse because it’s a community and not an individual problem. This is a problem that we have allowed as a community and as such can only be holistically addresses when we come together to create the environment that we want for our children that does not promote drug and substance abuse.

Let’s work now and create an enabling environment for our children because if we remain indifferent we are putting all our children at a heightened risk to drug and substance abuse. I especially encourage you the parent to learn and read more about drug abuse so you can be well informed to talk to your children about it and at the same time be able to pick up the warning signs of drug abuse so you can assist your children before the problem is beyond remedy, knowledge is power . Starting this year with the NDAFW from the 23rd-29th of January 2017 I implore you to join in the fight against drug and substance, ‘a stitch in time saves nine’, let us SHATTER THE MYTHS together and save lives.


Mazvita Shonhiwa

Executive Director


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