We are a charitable organisation, working
with communities to fight the war on drugs.


Communities Against Drug And Substance Abuse Trust- CADASA is a registered charitable organisation under the Zimbabwe Companies Act. CADASA was conceived in 2014 with operations starting in 2015 as a result of the Drug and Substance use that has swept over the country. CADASA envisions a world free of Drug and Substance Abuse. We believe this can only be achieved through collective community efforts as we all ultimately share the same dreams and aspirations for our children.

This is why CADASA through our High on Life Project, are engaging both the school and the family as they are complimentary bodies that work together to mold a well rounded responsible adult. At CADASA we believe by preaching the message of Prevention and Awareness to in-school youths from the grade 3 level, we sensitize them of the Drugs and Substances out there, warn them of the dangers and then we gift them with the gift to make informed decisions. CATCH THEM YOUNG!


  • CADASA helps to create a drug-free environment that enables children and youths to reach their full potential.
  • We accomplish our mission by providing access to information on Drug and Substance Abuse and influencing policy through advocacy.

Cadasa works with communities to help fight the war against drugs. Cadasa goes into schools with to do Prevention and Awareness Programmes through the High On Life Project

Would you like to partner with us in the fight against drugs in Zimbabwe?